Nijo Sushi Bar & Grill Happy Hour. Do stop by and try some our specialty drinks with Asian twists!

Passion Flower -
Passion fruit rum, orange & cranberry juice

Chu-hai -
Shochu, fruits juice & soda

Mango or Passion Fruit Sour -
Mango or passion fruit & rum sour, lemon-lime soda

Short Caucasian -
Vodka, Kahlúa, cola, cream

Tall Asian -
Midori, vodka, pineapple & orange juice

Coconut Cosmo -
Malibu Coconut Rum, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry

Nigori Lemonade -
Nigori sake, fruit puree, house made lemonade

Ume Spritzer -
Plum wine, soda

Lychee Blossom -
Lychee sake, soda, lychee fruit

Dancing Mango -
Mango rum, mango vodka, mango puree, fruit juice

Lychee Martini -
Vodka, lychee juice, triple sec

Kyuri Cooler -
Fresh cucumber, cucumber vodka, soda

Osarusan -
Coconut nigori, coconut rum, banana rum, banana puree, pineapple juice

Shouga Soda -
Yazi Vodka, fresh ginger, soda, bitters

All Well Drinks -

Red -
Bartender's Choice

White -
Bartender's Choice

Baby Honey Choya -
With real Japanese plum (mL)

Kobai Plum Wine -

Draft Beer -
Seasonal Changing Tap
Seasonal Changing Tap

Bottled Beer -
Beer Lao (rice beer)
New Castle

House - short  tall

Zipang Sparkling Sake (mL) -

Gekkeikan Draft (ml) -

Shiboritate Pure (ml)-

Gekkeikan Nigori (ml)-

Shirosasa Nigori (ml) -

Coconut Lemongrass Nigori (ml) -

Haiku Tokubetsu Junmai (ml) -

Nashi Sake (ml) -
Japanese pear-apple sake

Lychee Sake - /glass

Sake Jello Shot -

Sake Bomb -

Premium Sake Shot -

Ty-Ku Soju (ml) -

Ty-Ku Citrus Liqueur (ml) -

Small Plates
Fried Calamari -
Legs -
Crispy calamari strips drizzled with wasabi aioli

Agedashi Tofu -
Fried tofu pillows served with scallion, nori strips in a ginger tendashi broth

Gyoza -
Pork & chicken fried pot stickers tossed in a chili soy sauce ( pc)

Vegetable Croquettes -
Fried vegetable and potato patties drizzled in katsu sauce

Yam Fries -
Tossed with kosher salt & wasabi oil served with wasabi aioli

Avocado-Fu Egg Rolls -
Avocado, tofu & mixed vegetable egg rolls fried crispy ( pc)

Takoyaki -
Octopus & potato fried dumpling drizzled w/ teriyaki sauce & wasabi aioli

Vegetable Tempura -
Assorted vegetable lightly battered & fried (pc)

Dancing Shrimp -
Flash fried rock shrimp tossed lightly w/ wasabi aioli

Albacore Salad -
Seared albacore tuna served over spring mix w/ miso ginger vinaigrette

Grilled Beef Wrap -
Asparagus & scallion wrapped w/ thinly sliced beef, served w/ caramelized soy reduction (pc)

Chicken Karaage -
Marinated in ginger, soy, garlic & deep fried, served w/ sweet chili sauce

Hamachi of Salmon Kama -
Grilled yellow tail or salmon collar served w/ ponzu sauce

Kaki Tempura -
Fried oysters

Maki Sushi or Temaki
California - .

Veggie - .

Spicy Tuna - .

Eel & Cucumber -

Tekka Maki (Tuna) - .

Kappa Maki (Cucumber) -

Oshinko Maki (Pickles) -

Bainbridge Islander - .
Salmon, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, asparagus & spicy mayo

Tempura - .
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado & spicy mayo

Seattle Tempura - .
Salmon, avocado & cream cheese tempura battered & fried (Maki only)

Vegetable Tempura- .
Asparagus & Kabocha tempura, cucumber & avocado

Chef's Choice Roll - .

Nigiri ( pc) or Sashimi ( pc)
Sake - .

Shiro - Maguro - .
Seared albacore tuna

Ebi -
Cooked tiger prawn

Unagi - .
Fresh water eel

Inari -
Sweet tofu pocket

Tamago -
Japanese egg omelet

Saba - .

Tempura Ice Cream -
Thinly sliced pound cake wrapped around your choice of ice cream, lightly battered and fried

Fried Banana Spring Roll -
White chocolate and banana drizzled with strawberry red wine reduction

* One drink purchase per person is required for happy hour.

Gift Cards are Available!


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sat - sun 4pm to 11pm

happy hour twice daily
4pm to 7pm and
10pm to 11pm

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