See our drinks. We recommend our Omakase with courses paired with sake chosen to compliment each dish.

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To best get a sample of our extensive sake selection, we recommend our Omakase with courses paired with sake chosen to compliment each dish. While sushi is traditionally served with sake, we have hand picked a selection of wine that we believe will best compliment our food.

Daiginjo Sake

Daiginjo sakes take the rice polishing ratio down to 50% or less. They are made in smaller quantities, and rely more on traditional methods. Flavor and aroma profiles tend to be fuller than with ginjos, and exceptional labels display both complexity and finesse.

Tedorigawa “Lady Luck” (Ishikawa)
Clean and balanced on the one hand, with a caress of wild honey on the other, Iki na Onna is a classy, confident sake brewed in very limited amounts for the Association of Lady Sakwe Retailers.

$21 glass · $35 tokkuri · $90 bottle (720ml)

Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” (Shizuoka)
Flavorful, rounded, and alluring sake with a silky texture.

$19 glass · $32 tokkuri · $87 bottle (720ml) · $140 bottle (1.8 L)

Dassai 50 (Yamaguchi)
Light, balanced, clean, and easy drinking. Wonderful fruits on the palate without coming off too sweet.

$21 glass · $35 tokkuri · $90 bottle (720ml)

Yaegaki Mu “Nothingness” (Hyogo)
Soft and clean with hints of ripe melon and grapes.
$19 glass · $32 tokkuri · $87 bottle (720ml)

Ginjo Sake

Ginjo labels often possess fruity and floral nuances and tend to be light and refreshing on the palate. To receive the ginjo designation a sake must use rice that has been milled down to 60% of its original weight or less prior to steaming.

Kokuryu “Black Dragon” (Fukui)
Its deeply mysterious flavor seems to come from the earth itself: rich, dynamic, and welcoming.

$15 glass · $27 tokkuri · $75 bottle (720ml) · $120 bottle (1.8 L)

Dewazakura “Tenth Dragon” (Yamagata)
A martini-lover’s sake: dry and clear with a hint of juniper reminiscent of Tanqueray.

$13 glass · $23 tokkuri · $65 bottle (720ml) · $105 bottle (1.8 L)

Hakkaisan (Niigata)
Dry and a bit spicy with a hint of toasted nuts and baked apples.

$15 glass · $27 tokkuri · $75 bottle (720ml) · $120 bottle (1.8 L)

Junmai Sake

Junmai sakes possess a robust rice flavor and can be enjoyed either warm or cold. They range from dry and sharp to soft and rounded, and much attention is paid to their balance and structure. Many people prefer junmai labels to more expensive sakes because of their easy drink-ability.

Miyasaka “Sake Matinee” (Nagano)
Smooth and gentle with a hint of wild plum.

$12 glass · $19 tokkuri · $47 bottle (720ml) · $71 bottle (1.8 L)

Tedorigawa “Silver Mountain” (Ishikawa)
Classic yamahai junmai: dry, sharp & smooth all in one.

$14 glass · $23 tokkuri · $65 bottle (720ml) · $105 bottle (1.8 L)

Otokoyama “Man Mountain” (Hokkaido)
Crisp, dry, sharp with a bittersweet finish.

$13 glass · $23 tokkuri · $65 bottle (720ml) · $105 bottle (1.8 L)

Namahage Extra Dry “Devils Mask” (Akita)
Exceptional dryness. Complex yet presents a clean crisp finish.

$15 glass · $26 tokkuri · $115 bottle (1.8 L)

Tamagawa “Red Label” (Kyoto)
Low intervention; palate-drenching explosion of flavor
$14 glass · $23 tokkuri · $65 bottle (720ml)

Gekkeikan Haiku
Lightly herbaceous with hints of pear and apple. Good acidity and medium-dry finish.
$19 bottle (300ml)

Nigori Sake

Nigori Sake – while often called “unfiltered sake”, nigorizake is actually passed through a mesh filter at pressing, removing most but not all of the undissolved rice in the moromi, or nigorizake additional body as well as its characteristic pearly white color.

Kamoizumi “Summer Snow” (Hiroshima)
Lively, voluptuous… a deluxe label for nigori fans.

$15 glass · $26 tokkuri · $50 bottle (500ml) · $70 bottle (900ml)

Gekkeikan Nigori (Kyoto)
Medium-body with hints of citrus fruits, with a long finish.

$18 bottle only (300ml)

Tozai “Snow Maiden” (Kyoto)
Bright and fresh with flavors of honeydew melon, raw pumpkin, and radish.

$11 glass · $18 tokkuri · $34 bottle (720ml)

Kurosawa (Nagano)
Ginjo nigori with a light palate. Subtle flavors of star fruit, citrus and a hit of cream cycle.

$11 glass · $18 tokkuri · $34 bottle (720ml)

Sweet and Flavored Sake

Sweet and Flavored Sake – premium Sake blended with natural flavor

Tyku Cucumber (Nara)
Delicate, light and refreshing with the crisp flavor of fresh cucumber and a smooth finish

$9 glass · $14 tokkuri · $38 bottle (720ml)

Tyku Coconut Nigori (Nara)
Silky texture with the refreshingly sweet taste of coconut and hints of vanilla

$9 glass · $14 tokkuri · $38 bottle (720ml)

Kizakura Matcha Nigori (Kyoto)
Made with premium green tea from Kyoto, it has creamy texture with delightful Matcha flavor and aroma

$18 bottle only (300ml)

Hanna Flavored Sake (Ca)
Smooth & refreshing, great for before or after a meal lychee, white peach, fuji apple flavors available
$7 glass · $11 tokkuri · $28 bottle (720ml)

Kizakura Piano Sparkling Sake (Kyoto)
Soft and creamy, notes of tropical fruits with delicate carbonation
$18 bottle only (300ml)

Plum Wine
$7 glass


Yamazaki 12 year old $25

Hakushu 12 year old $28
Hibiki 12 year old $30
Hibiki Harmony $18
Toki $14
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt $25
Nikka Coffey Grain $20

Chivas Regal $12
Dewar’s White Label $8
Glenfiddich 12yo $14
Glenfiddich 14yo $18
Glenmorangie 10 year $12
Johnnie Walker Red Label $12
Johnnie Walker Black Label $15
Lagavulen 16 year $30
The Macallan 12 year $15
Oban 14 year $28

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon $14
Bookers $20
Buffalo Trace $8
Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey $9
Bulleit 95 Rye Whiskey $9
Jakc Daniel’s $8
Knob Creek Bourbon $10
Russell’s Reserve Rye $15
Woodford Rye $14
Templeton Rye $15

Jameson Irish Whiskey $9

Pendleton 1910 Rye $15
Pendleton $12
Crown Royal 12


Belvedere Vodka $10

Chopin Vodka (GF) $11
Grey Goose Vodka $11
Ketel One Vodka $10
Stolichnaya $10
Tito’s Handmade Vodka (GF) $9

Bombay Sapphire Gin $10
Hendrick’s $11
Tanqueray London Dry Gin $10
Suntory Roku $10

El Tesoro Blanco $10
Patron Silver $14
Hornitos Reposado Tequila $15
Casa Noble Reposado $15
Herradura Anejo $16
Don Julio Anejo Tequila $18

Bacardi Superior $8
Bacardi Gold $8
Captain Morgan Original $8
Myers’s Original Dark $8
Sailor Jerry $8
Malibu Original $8


Barrel Press Chardonnay, WA glass $14 bottle $48

Charles Smith Eve Chardonnay, WA glass $14 bottle $48
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand glass $9 bottle $30

Ponzi Pinot Gris, OR glass $12 bottle $40
Washington Hills Riesling, WA glass $9 bottle 30
House White glass $8 bottle $25 

Three Rivers Merlot, WA glass $10 bottle $35
Kilka Malbec, Argentina glass $11 bottle $37
The Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon WA glass $9 bottle $30
Barnard Griffin Cabernet Sauvignon, WA glass $11 bottle $37
Evolution Pinot Noir, OR glass 14 bottle $48
House Red glass $8 bottle $25

Sparkling & Rose
Rose glass $8 bottle $25
Sparkling Rose glass $8 bottle $25
Sparkling White glass $9 bottle $25

By the Bottle
Efeste Jolie Bouche Syrah, Yakima Valley, WA bottle $55
Rudd Samantha Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, CA bottle $230
Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz, Australia  bottle $110
Seven Hills Malbec, Walla Walla, WA bottle $70
Dusted Valley Syrah, Columbia Valley, WA bottle $90  
Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne bottle $100
Dom Perignon Brut Champagne bottle $275


Draft Beer 
Asahi  $6
Sapporo $6
Manny’s Unfiltered Pale Ale $6
Rotating IPA market price
Rotating Handle market place 

Asahi Super Dry (21 oz) $10
Orion (imported from Okinawa, Japan, 21 oz) $10
Sapporo (20 oz) $10
Sapporo light (12 oz) $6
Kirin (21 oz) $10
Echigo Japanese Stout (12 oz)$6
Kaliber Non-Alcoholic (12 oz)$4
Cider (12 oz) $6
Ghostfish Gluten-Free Beer (12 0z) $6


Bottled Water
Pellegrino (Sparkling, 500 ml) $5
Aqua Panna (Still, 500 ml) $5 

House Brewed Ice Tea $3
Hot green tea $3

Orange/Cranberry/Pineapple/Grapefruit/Tomato $4
Fresh Homemade Lemonade $4
Strawberry, Peach or Mango Lemonade $4.5

Coca-cola/Diet coca-cola/Sprite/Ginger Ale $3
Ginger Beer $4
Lychee Soda $4
Ramune $4

House Cocktails

Sake Martini 
Vodka, sake $14  

Lychee Martini 

Vodka, lychee sake & lychee syrup $14

Vodka, TyKu c0conut nugori, triple-sec, cranberry & lime juice $14


Cucumber martini 
Vodka, Tyku cucumber sake, fresh cucumber $14


Fuji Apple Martini 
Vodka, fuji apple sake, sour apple $14

House infused ginger vodka, grapefruit schrub, grapefruit bitters topped with soda $11

Emperors cocktail 
Prosecco, elderflower, plum wine and yuzu over ice $12

47 Ronin 
Whiskey, plum wine, orange bitters and  ginger beer on ice $13

Buddha’s Tonic
Gin, elderflower, lychee syrup topped with tonic $11

White peach sake, peach schnapps with peach puree & soda  $11

Nerdy Japanese
Blue curacao, lemonade, shochu, melon liquor

Shochu (traditional Japanese Spirit)

Shochu, like sake, is all about the goodness of the grain or, in the case of Kagoshima’s sweet potato shochu, the goodness of the tuber. The finest shochus are much like Irish whiskies, though even lighter and with a lower alcohol content.

Satoh kuro “Satsuma Domain” (Sweet Potato, Kagoshima)

Satoh’s otherworldly flavor and aroma derive from the Koganesengan sweet potato, grown only in Kagoshima. Its smoothness and graceful, well-knit texture are unique.
$18 glass

Iichiko “Shilhouette” (Barley, Oita)
Made 100% from Barley. An incredibly rich flavor, a light structure and a smooth finish. Iichiko, pronounced EACH-ko, translates to “it’s great” in local dialect.
$9 glass

Ginza No Suzume (BArley, Oita)
A very easy everyday shochu made from barley. Vibrant with clean and grainy flavor.
$10 glass

Kumejima No Kumesen (Awamori, Okinawa)
Awamori is unique to Okinawa. It’s made from long-grain indica rice. Rich, full-bodied flavor with a pleasant sweetness and umami.
$10 glass

19% gratuity will be added if merchant copy is taken and/or the merchant copy is not signed. 19% gratuity will be added for all parties of 6 or more people.

*NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have medical conditions.

HH is not available on any Holidays or days pre-determined by Nijo.



We offer the highest quality seafood, prepared in both traditional and cutting edge styles. A large selection of sake and wine is available in our full service cocktail bar. We are open late with ongoing events and we have a daily happy hour.


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